Best concert Bars in Paris

Here is a good list of the 10 best live music bars in Paris.

Indeed, it is difficult to rank these small places of expression where different artists as well as the stars of tomorrow are revealed each evening (because it is in the bistro and paid to the hat that the artist meets his first public).

Free admission is an invitation to discovery. « If you are lucky enough to be a couple, your heart’s desire will be to enjoy these original and sincere places. If you are lucky enough to be single, you should know that conversations are easier there than elsewhere! ».

Caveau des Oubliettes

To speak English, to descend dizzy stairs and pints

The Finnish party girl and the beautiful Erasmus haunt the Irish pubs, but also the Caveau des Oubliettes which would date from the 12th century Gothic like the nearby Notre-Dame cathedral. Today, this bar organizes « soul, black, funk, latin jazz, groove, fusion, swing, be-bop and blues » concerts every day from 10:30 pm, as well as jam sessions for an international and student audience: a group plays and then invites other musicians to join them. « There are new ones every time. To register, just come with your instrument, or even without – a guitar is fine. Sometimes we get big names. « Michel Guerche, owner of the vault proudly cites » Keziah Jones, Lucky Peterson and Prince! »

52, rue Galande, 75005 Paris – M° Saint-Michel
01 46 34 23 09 –
No restoration. Electric piano

La Belle Vie Saint-Martin

For words on the surface, for talents from all walks of life

In his bar with its minimalist decoration overflowing with initiatives, Mhamed carries out the missions of a cultural centre: « Competition is tough with other leisure activities, especially digital. The bistro has to bring something special, otherwise people stay at home, in front of their screens. Mhamed leads behind the counter because his waiter goes up on stage to chant a slam… Every evening, funk concerts, French song, jazz, soul, blues, rock, rap, open stages, sketches, oral expression workshop, poetry readings, short stories… The artists appreciate the freedom of the place, the attention of an audience that Mhamed knew how to sensitize. A colourful terrace welcomes those who wish to chat or smoke during the show.

121, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris – M° Gare de l’Est
01 42 05 93 62 –
Restoration. Without piano

La liberté

To discover the place where everything started for…

La Grande Sophie, les Têtes Raides, Sanseverino, who gave their first concerts there. Stacked near the door in the middle of guitars, keyboards and percussions, two rockers shudder while a hedge of spectators comes to life near the counter. The scent of anisette evokes a Béziers feria, holidays. « Two or three concerts a week, everything from French to blues. It’s a Parisian bar, that is to say a mixed bar, we have to keep it that way, » conceptualizes Ali Lahcene, patron of La Liberté and actor of musical diversity. Julien Bassouls, a famous organizer of concerts in bars, agrees: « It’s a funny place, a little scoundrel, that mixes ages and social classes. « A neighborhood exchange for regulars, where strangers are welcome.

196, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris – M° Faidherbe-Chaligny
01 43 72 11 18
Restoration. Without piano. Cheap beer and wine

Bateau  El Alamein

For a motionless journey on a garden barge

This boat was approached and conquered by a jungle of potted plants, some of which became trees. Having a drink in this floating garden is a delight. True island with flowers, the terrace opens in the evening during the week and the afternoon of the weekend, according to the weather. The hold of the boat conceals a family home full of intimate souvenirs, Chinese furniture and African masks, paintings representing boats or flowers. This is the concert hall. Marine chooses the artists, especially of French song, for a dense and demanding program. In Arabic, el alamein means the two worlds, East and West, life and the afterlife, and in 1942 it was the first victory against the Nazis.

11, port de la Gare, 75013 Paris – M° Quai de la Gare, Bibliothèque
06 88 99 20 58
Concerts: 0 to 10 € – Light catering. Piano

Au Magique

The smallest concert hall in Paris, with grand piano

In his song cellar, Marc interprets his chiseled, tender and scathing lyrics, architecturalized like scenarios. Engaged, enraged, he sings « at the end of the bar, at the corner of the street, in my neighbourhood », the poetry of daily life, the news, that peaceful Pernety where Martine and Marc opened their place in 1980, before the destruction of the Chirac era. French song creation concerts and a few covers. Le Petit music-hall, a stage open to old friends and new ones, alternates with games in song, where a guest confronts the master of the place.

The beautiful team meets on the Magic’s sleepless nights: December 31 for « a New Year’s Eve away from consumption », the music festival, and July 13 « for a celebration without a military parade ». The drinks are displayed at the price of an ordinary troquet, the evening meal is 11 € and a hat passes for the artists.

42, rue de Gergovie, 75014 Paris – M° Pernety
01 45 42 26 10 –
Meals on reservation

Moulin à café

To support the most active of the association cafés

This Mill, open to all initiatives, evokes a beehive, as its day and evening activities are numerous: theatre, films-debates, conferences, associative meetings, sewing workshop, English, Spanish conversation… and of course acoustic, French song and world music concerts, finished early, before 10:30 pm. Le Moulin is not a bar with IV license, if you want to drink beer or wine, it is necessary to order a starter or a main course (very cheap) cooked by the bright Anna.

Open to a garden park and a quiet pedestrian square – hence the neighborhood concerns – the place is managed by local residents with a few employees and volunteers. The atmosphere is participatory: everyone takes their cutlery and clear their plates. « It is not forbidden to give a little help at the end of the evening! » « But not obligatory either, everyone feels free to participate in their own way.

8, impasse Sainte-Léonie, 75014 Paris – M° Pernety
01 40 44 87 55 –
Restoration. Piano

Le Carré Parisien

To encourage the best bar-concert of the 15th

Olivier Demeocq is an entrepreneur, a descendant of sailors, as can be seen from his decor and exhibitions. He launched his concept in Paris and Casablanca, soon in Buenos Aires, Phnom Penh and the USA. Two to four times a week, Lisandro Nesis, the artistic director, organises jazz meetings, lyrical cabarets and American musicals in the cellar – and not just the hits of yesteryear: « Creations here have their European premiere! Our Broadway cycle is a bridge between continents, with masterclasses and show case. For those who want to try their luck, the concert often continues with an open mic.

1, rue du Général-Beuret, 75015 Paris – M° Volontaires, Vaugirard, Cambronne
09 51 17 80 44 –
Restoration. Two upright pianos.

La bonne Franquette

To find Dalida, Joe Dassin and Gilbert Bécaud.

In the evening, pianist Danny Vincent sings a repertoire ranging from Aznavour to Piaf, including American standards. In a suit and tie like in a luxury bar, he nevertheless knows how to create an atmosphere « à la bonne franquette ». According to group reservations, the establishment also hosts shows inspired by the popular, artistic and famous Montmartre: the « mime automaton » William, two dancers escaped from the Belle époque and their French cancan number. Dora Carbonnel, Franco-Cuban singer embodies creations by Piaf, Dalida and Bécaud known all over the world. The boss, Patrick Fracheboud, appreciates the good wines of small producers and fine cuisine.

2, rue des Saules, 75018 Paris – M° Lamarck-Caulaincourt, Abbesses
01 42 52 02 42 –
Restoration. Piano

Le vieux Belleville

To sing at the top of your head with your table mates.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, Minelle à l’accordéon or Riton La Manivelle and her organ of barbarity distribute the lyrics. The tables of friends, the tourists lost but delighted, everyone conjugates the parigot slang and covers in chorus a repertoire of the last century, from Blue Java to melodramatic songs. A high place of the musette and the popular paname, a few meters from the porte cochère of 72, rue de Belleville where Edith Piaf was born according to her legend.

12, rue des Envierges, 75020 Paris – M° Pyrénées
01 44 62 92 66 –
Restoration. Without piano.

Chez Louisette

To teleport to Grandma’s Musette Ball

This guinguette engrossed between the lanes of the Vernaison market is less known than the Chope des Puces, temple of gypsy jazz. The estaminet experienced its hour of glory in 2010 when Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture, awarded the medal of the Order of Arts and Letters to Manuela, the house singer who has interpreted Piaf and other romances for several decades. A veritable reliquary of memories, this bistro opens on weekends and public holidays. « So kitch ! « do we read on Tripadvisor. At Louisette’s, it’s Christmas and garlands all year long.

130, avenue Michelet, 93400 Saint-Ouen – M° Porte de Clignancourt
01 40 12 10 14
Restoration. Electronic organ.